Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Answering Machine Messages....

... a glimpse into my life:

#1 a message from myself when I was on the road somewhere and didn't have paper to write down something I needed to remember.

#2 Elisha from Eyedentity to let me know my contacts are in (she's actually left 2 messages because they've been there for weeks as I haven't had time to go get them).

#3 Judah's endocrinologist communicating the results of some recent bloodwork Judah had done.

#4 A random woman I met shopping at Aldi's about a month ago. She and her family are from Kenya; she's new to the area and has a very thick accent. Something prompted me to reach out to her while standing in line at Aldi's. That something was likely the fact that my hubby had the kids out in the car and I was free to actually engage in conversation with an adult nearby. :)

#5 and 6 Call backs from sitters who aren't able to babysit for us....sitters: something we always seem to be in need of.

#7 a call from a gentleman in my church wanting to buy Pampered Chef product from me.

And, that pretty much is a good picture of my life. ;)


Recently, I took the kids to a grocery store they had never been to with me. Formerly Kleins, it is now known as "Shop-Rite". Pulling into the parking lot, Judah asked where we were and when I told him, "Shop-Rite", he responded with, "What if we shop wrong?"

Judah doesn't even know how funny he is sometimes.