Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The boys have been taking Benadryl before bedtime due to seasonal allergies. The other night Judah asked if they had gotten their "Conner-adryl". I was rather confused as all three of my guys laughed their heads off at this.

You see, the boys have cousins named "Ben" and "Conner". I heard Judah tonight say, "Come on, Tucker; let's go get our "Josh-adryl". (that would be Ben's brother).

They are clearly on a whole different humor playing field from their momma. I think Judah gets his humor from Lawrence. Either way, he keeps us laughing (when I get it anyway).

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sucking the Thumb

Judah has a habit of sucking his thumb. As he's grown older, it's become something he does only when he's tired or upset about something, usually. On occasion, I'll find him simply zoning out with his thumb in his mouth, especially on a day like today when he's had less sleep than he's needed, his routine has been upset, and he's had 2 of his least favorite kinds of doctor's appointments within the span of 4 days. So, I wasn't surprised to see him with his thumb in his mouth as he watched Thomas the Tank Engine this morning.

Nevertheless, I try to encourage him to take his thumb out of his mouth, letting him know it's not good for his teeth.

This morning, Judah asked again what it will do to his teeth. So, as I explained that his teeth will get pushed out further and further which could make talking correctly and eating more difficult along with other potential problems, he responded with, "...and I'll have to get BRACELETS on my teeth."

Braces, my son, braces.

Friday, May 01, 2009

More than Scribbles

For the longest time, I really thought my boys would only scribble when given a piece of paper and crayons. But, alas they have moved on beyond scribbles and now actually draw decipherable pictures. They love to draw. Apart from playing with their Thomas the Tank engines and tracks, reading and drawing are their 2 favorite past times. Here are some pictures of my little artists: