Wednesday, August 30, 2006

An Invitation

For all my bloggin' buddies, I want to extend an invitation. The invitation is to help me raise money for a donation to the Sturge Weber Foundation. I am doing this by throwing a Pampered Chef fundraising party. Instead of receiving any of the usual hostess benefits from hosting a party, 30% of the party's sales will go toward the Sturge Weber Foundation! I'm very excited about this opportunity to give back to an organization that has given so much to our family.

There are several ways you can participate.

1. Attend my party, September 15th at 6:50 p.m. in my home. If you need directions, give me a call. And, if you decide to come, please RSVP by September 8th.

2. If you're at a distance or are unable to attend but would still like to order something, click here to order from my consultant's website. Once at Terri's Pampered Chef site, click on "Order Products" and type in "Sturge Weber Foundation" when asked what organization you are ordering on behalf of.

3. Finally, if you simply want to make a donation directly to the Sturge Weber Foundation, click here and donate whatever amount you desire in honor of Judah Almengor.

Thanks so much for always supporting us in prayer. And, thanks for any consideration you give to supporting us through this invitation, albeit indirectly.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Always Something

The boys seemed to recover from their colds more quickly this round than ever in the past. It has me wondering if they were really colds. I am suspecting that the boys may have seasonal allergies, but there's not really any concrete way to test them at their age. So, we'll wait and try to treat symptomatically. Because the boys' congestion cleared up around the 9th day, we were able to spend some time with friends which was an unexpected treat as I was ready for isolation for two weeks.

Judah and I went to Hopkins on Friday for his CT Scan, and he did rather well with it. He still screamed as he has in the past, but it took him a little longer before he did. We actually made it all the way into the room and onto the table before he started to scream. I couldn't be in the room with him due to my pregnancy, so that was a little hard for me and I'm sure, Judah, too. We haven't heard about results, but I'm hopeful that everything is working as it should with his shunt.

This week, I had a couple dr's appointments, and we planned several play dates as well. Today, however, Tucker seems to be struggling with some asthma symptoms again. I'm rather puzzled by it all. He was up several times throughout the night, coughing from what I assumed was a post nasal drip running down the back of his throat. I wondered if it might be his 2 year molars coming through as I've noticed him sucking on his fingers which he never does. I was fairly confident this morning that it was his teeth and not another cold until he started wheezing again. So, out came the nebulizer machine again, and treatments are being doled out liberally.

I'd appreciate your prayers for healing, of course, for Tucker, but also for wisdom for Lawrence and me to know how to best serve our children with what may be allergies and ongoing asthma complications. We haven't really taken too many steps to "clear the air" so to speak in our home by having our vents professionally cleaned and buying air purifiers, buying special covers for their beds and pillows or trying different detergents. There's a long list of things a person can do to help those afflicted with asthma. There's typically cost involved in all of them. But, then again, we're spending money to buy their prescriptions. So, we need wisdom to know what avenues to pursue. And, ultimately, we have to trust God with the well-being of our children.

I'd appreciate prayer for ongoing stamina, too, as pregnancy just doesn't seem to wear well on me. I won't go into all the minor annoyances I've endured health-wise. It just seems that my body shuts down when I'm pregnant and/or nursing young babies. Some days, it becomes quite a mental challenge to stay on top of all our (the boys and mine) medicines or other recommendations our doctors have made to bring greater measures of health and well being to our bodies.

On a positive note, the baby appears to be doing well. I've had a couple visits with my midwives in between my scheduled visits for some "issues". While I'd rather not see the midwives more than once a month, it has given me the opportunity each time to hear that reassuring heart beat, and it sounds strong. I am hoping to have another sonogram in a couple weeks and to find out the gender then. If we do, we'll be sure to let you know.

Thanks for all your prayers on our behalf. We are assured even in this busy season filled with daily grievances big and small, that God's love and mercy follow us all the days of our lives.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Breathing is a Good Thing

My title comes from a fresh appreciation for the ability to breathe. Instead of a CT Scan on Friday, I was attempting to get Judah's asthma under control. He and Tucker both had cold symptoms by Tuesday of this past week, and by Thursday, I was in our pediatrician's office getting some recommendations for Tucker's apparent struggle to breathe. He has only had one other asthma episode, and ironically, it was this time last year. Both boys had pneumonia, and our doctor felt the asthma was a result of that.

Tucker has had colds in between last August and this, but not any asthma complications again until now. We have not been so fortunate with Judah, as he struggled with asthma with almost every cold he got over the last year.

They are both breathing much better today, after pumping their systems with various medications. Tucker's was managed with just the Nebulizer treatments, but Judah had to go on an oral steroid to finally get his under control. Of all the various medical issues we've had with the boys, the asthma has probably been the most stressful and anxiety producing. I'm grateful, though, that at this point, we do have enough history with it to know better how and when to respond and what works for the boys. Thank you, Lord, for medicine!!

So, my week has mostly been spent wiping snotty noses, administering nebulizer treatments, giving Tylenol in the middle of the night and comforting sick, little boys. I imagine I'll be somewhat isolated for another week yet until the boys completely recover, but I'm grateful that they are at least breathing today!! I'll take just a plain old cold over asthma any day.

Judah's CT Scan was pushed to this Friday, so we'd again appreciate your prayers for this. Thanks.

Monday, August 14, 2006

CT Scan

Just a quick post to say everything went better than expected for our trip to West Virginia. It was so wonderful to be able to see my husband and for the boys, their Papi, in the middle of the week. It would have been a long week without seeing him. Our hosts, Tommy and Beth Chase, were wonderful to us as usual. We had a great time with you and look forward to seeing you again soon!! (PS...Lawrence is scheduled to do another WV trip early fall, so you may be seeing more of us than you ever dreamed!)

The boys' truck birthday party went really well, too. We had absolutely beautiful weather for the day and both my family and Lawrence's family pitched in to help in so many ways that we didn't anticipate which made the whole thing so much less stressful for me. Other friends also helped out by making some of the yummy food we ate, and all the kids looked like they were having a lot of fun. I will try to post some pictures from the party soon.

This week, Judah has a follow up CT Scan for his head. This is to follow up on the brain surgery he had in May. It will show if the excess fluid is draining properly through the shunt as is hoped. I'm still trying to decide how to manage this appointment as it is discouraged for pregnant women to be in the room for the actual scan. I actually was in the room for two of Judah's scans back in May when I was first pregnant but didn't know it, and everything was fine. I also haven't decided what to do with Tucker yet. So, I would appreciate your prayers regarding this appointment, not only for the logistics as usual, but also that the test will show Judah's shunt to be working properly.

As always, thanks for your prayers!