Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer Pleasures in Pictures

One thing we love to do is go to Jerusalem Mill or what my children refer to as "the river". There are hiking trails, picnic tables and one precious spot that is perfect for pre-schoolers. A shallow spot of flowing river with plenty of shade and just enough of a shore for the mommas to park a seat and a packed lunch. We spend the entire morning there and finish up just in time for naps! I love seeing the kids explore the shore line, the water, throw rocks, dig in the dirt, watch the butterflies and just enjoy being outside in God's creation. What a blessing this little spot on the water has become to our family.

This would be Tucker indulging himself in his birthday treat. One of the things we did for the boys' 5th birthday was take them individually out on a date with mom and dad. We took them to a family favorite, Dunkin Donuts, to get a donut and milk. Then, we headed to Cracker Barrel where they were allowed to pick up to $5 worth of candy. This is one thing Tucker chose. I honestly thought he would bug me about eating it until it was finished, but he sucked on it during our date with him and hasn't asked for it since. And, I haven't exactly reminded him about it either. :)

This is Bella chompin down on a roasted corn from the Latino Fest. My girlie can eat!

What's summer without watermelon?! Here are my 3 buddies enjoying a slice out on our front steps.