Friday, April 16, 2010

End of Busy Season Family Celebration

We are making a tradition of having a family day the day after "Tax Day", April 15th. LA takes off of work to spend the entire day as a family, doing a handful of the fun things our family enjoys together. We swing by Dunkin Donuts in the morning for breakfast, visit a local beach, go out to eat for dinner and watch a movie together at home. The weather could not have been better this year. We had such a delightful time at the beach.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Many Faces of Bella

No contesting that the prominent feature of my girlie's face is "cuteness". Yes, the girl is too cute for her own good as is evidenced by the following pictures. Other than the face of cuteness, she wears the face of a "foodie". The girl loves to eat, and often the only time she's quiet is when she's gotten into food that she shouldn't have. To her credit, she makes healthy choices most of the time, though she'll never refuse sweets. I just try not to have many available or within reach here at the house. Her favorite "go to" snacks are cheese and dates. Here she was caught getting in the parmesan cheese. Sad to say, it was the cheap, gross, pre-grated stuff...didn't seem to bother her....

And, thanks to one of the boys' friends at school (you know who you are :) ), my kids now only want to eat their yogurt if it has sprinkles in it. :)

Our Easter

Seeing that I'm back on the floor again today (my back), I have time to upload some pictures from our Easter festivities...Enjoy.