Saturday, August 14, 2010


Here's what my hubby accomplished today with a dear friend, Jeff Cole's help:

There's still caulking to be done on the trim, walls/ceiling to be painted, furniture to be bought and placed, and new, little accents added here and there to bring the room together (This is NOT "Extreme Home Makeover"), but I am thrilled to have new floors!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Monday, August 09, 2010


Some slogans our family is found saying often:

"Pay now or pay later."
Think child training or eating that third helping of dinner

"When in doubt, leave it out."
This comes in handy when I just can't decide whether to do something, buy something, etc.

"Something is better than nothing."
I am known to throw this out to my hubby in reference to family devotions or exercise.

"Asleep in the Storm"
And, my hubby throws this out to me when I'm calling him to say "HELP~ I have 10 things screaming for my attention at once, 3 of them being our children, and I'm losing my mind."

"We can't do it all."
We say this to one another A LOT b/c frankly, in our pride, we want to do it all and be it all. God brings daily reminders that we are finite and simply cannot do it all nor were intended to.

"You write checks your body can't cash."
Oh, my hubby says this to me all the time. Mom, it's all your fault! I guess I tend to commit myself to too many good things or try to tackle too many things on a to do list all at once forgetting that my body has limitations.

Interesting what these slogans say about the nature of our family?! Hmmm. What do you think?
What are some of the slogans by which your family lives or is guided?