Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I had the privilege again to substitute teach for my boys' Kgarten teacher today. Here are a few photos of these 4 precious children with their "thinking caps" on.

And, the mailman today...the cutest mailman I've ever seen!

My Three Cuties

At lunch time

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Almengor funnies

Because I will one day forget their sweet, squeaky voices and all the cute things they say at their ages...

Bella calls egg nog, "milk nog"

The other evening I asked all three of the kids to clean up the living room to which I received the typical complaining and asking me to help them. I told them that I had a different job to do in the kitchen while they did their jobs in the living room. Tucker replied with, "I think Bella thinks her job is to watch."

Today I was seeking to encourage Judah about wearing his eye patch. He hates wearing it, and he's supposed to wear it every day for 2 hours. As I've told him a gazillion times before, he needs to wear the patch to help make his eye grow stronger. Tucker replied, "Does it have fiber in it?"

My funny, wonderful children. I love you!

Our Christmas in pictures

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Needles, needles everywhere

If there ever was a case for an artificial Christmas tree, this video would be it.

That said, we love our real Christmas trees here at the Almengor's and don't plan on going artificial anytime soon. Tucker's suggestion was to buy our tree on Christmas Eve and take it down on Christmas day. "That way, it won't die, mom." I guess it would help if we watered it every once in a while. It's nothing short of a miracle that children survive under my care!