Monday, December 18, 2006

"Happy To You"

That is a sweet little phrase my boys say whenever they see a candle of any kind. For the longest time, they couldn't get the "birthday" into the phrase and would instead just say, "Happy to you; happy to you". (They do not know how to say anything just one time either; everything comes out at least twice, usually many more times than that before I acknowledge that they said something.)

Amazingly they began to say the entire phrase this week, "Happy Birthday to You!!" So, yesterday after they brought home their homemade Christmas tree ornament that was a little baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes, otherwise known as paper plates, I decided I would begin to raise their anticipation for whose birthday we celebrate during Christmas. After a little instruction, I asked them repeatedly today, "Whose birthday do we celebrate for Christmas, boys?" After stating the question a variety of ways, one and eventually both of them would say, "Happy Birthday Jesus". After putting them to bed tonight, we could hear them "singing" through the monitor, "Happy Birthday Jesus; Happy Birthday Jesus."

Gearing up for Christmas has been thorougly enjoyable with the boys this year. We see that they can grasp so much more of the true meaning of Christmas, a little baby come to earth from Heaven to save mankind from their sins. We give thanks daily that God has placed our boys in a gospel-centered home and a gospel-centered church.

Today we enjoyed a long visit to the park. It was so beautiful outside, I couldn't resist taking the boys outside for some fresh air even with all there is to do at home right now. It was like a spring day, and while many may not like these tricks "Mother Nature" plays on us sometimes, giving us spring when it's winter, I really appreciate it, and the boys loved their time at the park as well.

This Friday, I will be taking Judah to Hopkins to invite yet another specialist into his care. We will be having an initial consultation with a plastic surgeon to discuss Judah's jaw bone growth and facial assymetry. It seems that since his dentist said something about the more pronounced assymetry on his face, I think the hypertrophy (swelling) on the one side of his face is worsening. But, this could be my imagination, having my perspective a bit more influenced by the dentist's comment and recommendation to see an oral surgeon. So, we'll see. I don't know much what to expect from this consultation and therefore know little how to ask you to pray.

I would say, pray that:
  • we are seen promptly by the doctor, Dr. Tufaro.
  • I ask good questions and guard my heart from fear regarding the answers or lack of answers we receive from the doctor.
  • Judah cooperates with any potential evaluation the doctor may want to do at the visit.
  • Tucker does well for his sitter.
  • Lawrence and I will continue to receive wisdom on how to best manage Judah's care, i.e. what specialist to see next, what treatments to pursue and what ones to wait on, what potential studies to participate in, etc.

Thanks so much and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


Danielle said...

Will be praying for a good appointment on Friday. That's so sweet about the boys saying "Happy to you."

Anonymous said...

On my, another specialist! How good of God to let the interventions (if necessary) be begun early (also if necessary)! I am picturing you with your boys at the park...those days were a blessing! And you and your family and your Christ centeredness (sp??) are a joy to behold. I know there are trying moments too, but thanks for taking the time to share your bright ones with us. We will pray. Love, The Allen's

Zoanna said...

"Happy to you"--how sweet. I think I'll borrow that phrase when I want to cheer someone up. I'll pray for you and L regarding the next step in Judah's jaw/dental treatmen.

Zoanna said...

BTW, when Ben was FOUR ,I asked him at Christmas, "What is Christmas?" And will full confidenc and enthusisam replied, "Santa Claus's Birthday!"