Monday, January 15, 2007

On The Mend

Given I've tried all man made forms of treatment available to me at this point in my pregnancy to clear up this sinus infection, I'm left to a supernatural healing from God to fully clear it up. Of course, I know that ultimately God is my Healer, and I'm learning to trust His wisdom in the timing of prolonged suffering, no matter how small or great.

Symptomatically, I am feeling a little better and definitely functioning more than I had been for a couple weeks. Now, however, I am fighting against the exhaustion late term pregnancy brings along with caring for twin 2 yr. olds and a husband entering into the busiest season of the year at work. Consequently, I am learning to move at a much slower pace these days, to not put as much on my to do list and to know at the beginning of the day that the end of the day will not have brought as much productivity as I probably would have liked. It's humbling to be certain, but it is teaching me in even more practical ways how to rely upon God's sufficiency and what is really important, worthy of my time, energy and thoughtfulness.

One of the things I am finally trying to turn my attention to is the arrival of our new baby. I'm hoping to at least think through this week what needs to be done before the little one comes and maybe by next week, I'll be ready and motivated to begin knocking off items from that to do list.

For this week, I am taking Judah to his opthamologist for a routine eye exam. Judah did really well with the last visit; I'm hoping to see a repeat of that. Also, my husband continues to be concerned that Judah is not using his one eye as well as the other, and so I will be raising this concern with Dr. Abrams tomorrow. Additionally, we haven't been giving Judah his eye drop for several weeks now, and I'm wondering if it's having any kind of impact on his glaucoma status. It would be great if Dr. Abrams was able to check his pressures tomorrow with the tonopen. You can pray for that; although, I'm not expecting it to happen. Also, I'm going to be taking Tucker with us to the appointment as well. Please pray that the boys are well behaved and that I'm able to gracefully handle the both of them in the waiting room as well as the exam room. **I will be taking lots of their favorite snacks to be sure!

Friday, I'll go for another visit with my midwives. My visit last week confirmed the baby's head is down, ready to go and that I'm 50% effaced and 1 cm dilated (which any of us who have had babies know that means nothing about when I'll go into labor).

Thanks for all your prayers for us.


Anonymous said...

Will be prayin' for you!

peg said...

praying for you too and so glad to see you and your family! can't wiat to hear the good news on baby 3!!!

peg said...

I tagged you, friend! see my blog for details.
love you!