Monday, October 22, 2007


Thought this might put a smile on some of your faces. Plus, Lawrence told me I had to write this one on my blog, if only for us to remember it.

Recently, we were out with another family at one of our favorite local icecream joints, Broom's Bloom. We let the boys pick their icecream flavor now (yet another sign that they are growing up!), and Judah replied with, "I'll take my birthmark."

Now, I know a few of you are probably tearing up at that, but we chuckled and are grateful that our little man can be so comfortable about it. That's is God's grace on his little life!


marie j said...

Whatt a special guy! I recognize it as God's grace on you and our hubby's life to shepherd your kids in a way that pleases God. Rather than complaining about your circumstanes, you embrace tem as God's plan and live accordingly. Judah obviously is doing that too!

Marie J said...

BIG OOPS. That was supposed to be YOUr hubbys life. Bri and I do NOT share a husband!

Zoanna said...

Cute, cute story.

Cute, cute comment, Marie. I don't think any man could put up with that much estrogen anyway. One woman is more than enough for Paul most of the time!

laurie said...

tear filled and smiling.