Tuesday, December 04, 2007


This morning, my son was showing me a scratch on his finger. I was looking at it and wondered aloud if it was a splinter. Tucker said, "No, mom, I think it's a scratch."

Me: "How did you get it?"

Tucker: "I was reaching for the lemon limes."

Me: (Not knowing what he was talking about) "Where were you reaching for these?"

Tucker: "Up on the counter."

Me: "Oh..you mean the clementines, sweetie?"

Tucker: "yeah, lemon limes"


Zoanna said...

AWww, the lemon limes! Cute!

robin said...

Bri ~ I just caught up on all of your blogs since Thanksgiving. You are so dependent on the Lord. I am glad God has provided so much help for you in a real and tangible way through his Body. I loved reading your perspective on your recent trials and the gifts God has given your kids through friends,etc. Reading your thoughts - it is like readign a rich devotional book. Very nourishing. God has given you depth.

We love "lemon limes" at our house too.

Beth Young said...

I can just picture his adorable little face having this conversation with you. Your little buddies are too much!

Kjirstin C said...

That's adorable!

Kelly said...

Adorable! Don't ya just love kidspeak? :o)