Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What We've Been Up To

It seems like I haven't updated in long time, but it's really only been a little over a week. We have been busy bees at the Almengor's lately. Between Lawrence trying to wrap up his last several 'busy season' assignments and me starting The Pampered Chef, we have had few minutes for rest and relaxation, let alone blogging! :)

But, our little girl has had fevers the last two days and that has caused me to be homebound and moving at a slower pace, for which I am grateful. I hate that my daughter is fighting some kind of weird bug, but I am grateful for how it's forcing me to just sit still in my own home for a little while. Please pray for her if you think of it. Gratefully, there haven't been any other symptoms accompaning the fevers. She's been eating well and playing pleasantly while awake. We've had two sleepless nights with her, trying to manage the fever at night, but that's been the only impact really. That, and being quarantined.

Judah did very well with this last laser treatment. Our friend, De, came with us again for moral support and to take some pictures. Judah and I both greatly appreciate her company on these trips. She is great for keeping a positive attitude and making what has become typically dreaded afternoons rather pleasant. Once I receive the digital photos from her, I'll post them so you can see just what we do when we go for Judah's laser treatments.

I've had two Pampered Chef shows so far, both in the same week which probably wasn't the wisest way to start off. But, I seem to have a knack for making things difficult for myself. The shows went well, and the guests for both shows were very gracious to me as I fumbled through the demonstration. Practice makes perfect, and I will have more opportunity for practice with three shows coming up in April!! **(If you want to host a show in May or June, just let me know!)

Finally, I thought I'd share a few of the things we did in the last month of so via pictures.

About 2 weeks after Bella's first birthday, we had her ears pierced. Before I married Lawrence, I thought it was the cruelest thing to pierce a baby's ears. Then, I learned that it is a customary practice in Latino culture to do this. There was no pressure at all from LA's family, but we both decided we wanted to have it done. Here's my girl waiting with her Papi while mommy picked out the studs.

Here's the girl marking my girlie's ears.

**Warning: Any grandmother or grandmotherly types may want to scroll quickly down past this next picture. And, please don't leave any nasty comments about how cruel we are for having done this to our daughter.

And, ahhh...my bottle and my Papi...there is no better comfort.


We had the special treat of having my brother, Jay, and SIL, Krista, come to stay with us twice in one month! They are from PA but flew out of BWI to see Krista's sister, Beth, in Colorado. (Got that all straight?) So, they came to stay with us before they flew out and when they flew back into Baltimore. Here, we are enjoying an outing at a local playground:

Bella and Sadie (the newest addition to the Herman clan)

Ainsley and Judah

Mia pushing Tucker on the swing


And, last but not least, the boys finally got a haircut!!
Here's the before and after.


dlbmrb said...

Thanks for the update. The boys look so much older woth their haircuts. Bella's ear experience was too cute. Trust me she will not even remember it. Just be sure to keep them really clean. KT had a reaction to the earring backs and it took us awhile to figure out why they kept getting infected. We just started using plastic backs and outting neosporin on the post. Problem solved and it was smooth sailing after that. I'd love to see a close up of her new earrings.

nursemummy said...

I have been debating whether or not to get Molly-Ann's ears pierced. hmmmm...

I hope that Bella feels well soon. I have an under the weather baby at home too. :(

Once Ronan and I sell and move I think it would be fun to have a "pampered chef house warming party". I will contact you when we have a move in date. (hopefully sooner rather than later)

dancebythelight said...

I'm sorry Bella's been sick. Hope she feels better soon.

Lawrence looks very proud in that one picture, about Bella getting her ears pierced. That's a cool fact about Latino culture, didn't know that. I think if we have a girl, we'd wait and let her decide. I almost didn't get my ears pierced and have several friends who opted not to, so since they're her ears, we'd probably let her decide. But since we at present don't have a girl, we don't have to worry about it! However, what if our boys want to pierce THEIR ears! What then!?! :)

Briana Almengor said...

As my hubby always says when I bring these kinds of things up (boys wanting their ears pierced, wanting long hair, etc.), "It's all about the heart." :)

bethyoung said...

Those pictures are adorable! Thanks for sharing what you've been up to. It wasn't mean of you to get her ears pierced. Camryn had been saying around her 3rd birthday that she wanted earrings like Mommy. So, without making a big deal of it, Gabe and I went to the mall and we took pictures while Cam got her ears pierced. She was pretty upset! She said "no, I wanted earrings, not a shot!". That part was a little heartbreaking. But, hey, she wanted them! She whined off and on for at least an hour because they were stinging, but she was fine. Just be careful about Bella's blanket and such getting stuck on them, that hurts. It would happen while she was sleeping...also, (sorry) I NEVER ONCE used the liquid cleanser for the ears since Cam freaked out when I'd get the bottle. I only turned the earrings twice a day and never had a problem :-)

beth said...

Bri, thanks for sharing the pics! I love seeing your children :) Piercing has been a topic in our household lately. We had Norah's done last fall, only to have one that was infected. We had to take it out for good to let it heal. She's a little pirate with one pierced ear! We discussed having it redone, but now that she's playing soccer she'll have to take it out for games. So now we've postponed until summer... I like the tips other friends of yours are leaving!