Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Good for me may be good for you, too...

From one of my favorite blogs, Of First Importance, a quote that is so helpful and instructive to me this morning as I battle not only a nasty cold but my nasty heart that wants to give into self pity and doubting God's care for me:

The trade of doubting
“When the Christian trusts, he is happy; when he doubts, he is miserable. When the believer looks to his Master and relies upon him, he can sing; when he doubts his Master, he can only groan. What miserable wretches the most faithful Christians are when they once begin doubting and fearing! It is a trade I never like to meddle with, because it never pays the expenses, and never brings in any profit —the trade of doubting.”
- Charles Spurgeon, Fear Not

May we Christians be happy today as we look to our Master and rely on Him today.


krista said...

Oh, this WAS good for me too! :o)

God's been kind to show me my fear and doubt (over financial stuff) lately. When I don't have the mindset that GOD has determined our income, and it's His good and perfect provision in the first place for us to steward, I only begin to doubt and worry...which produces nothing but misery!

The challenge that lies in front of us has not caught Him by surprise--it's been filtered through His hands and my response needs to be trust and faith.

(Thanks for prompting me to speak Truth to myself this morning!) Hope you feel better soon, and not just a change of heart. :o)

peg said...

thanks for the great post, briana! I discovered that blog and need to revisit it..
I'm glad you're now on facebook'll be fun to keep us with you.
Miss you so much!
Love & Hugs,

Jenn said...

I hope you are feeling better soon- thanks for the reminder that God is enough for all our needs.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering our contest. It's great to meet new friends via the blogosphere!!


Jenn W
One House Schoolroom