Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mother's Day, 2009

These are a little late, but without having a digital camera, it takes me a while to get pictures developed, uploaded onto my computer and then finally onto the blog. I know; we live in the "dark ages" here. One day, we'll have a digital camera, God willing.

Lawrence did really well with the kids this year (with a few reminders and I think only one, more heated discussion about the upcoming Mother's Day). He surprised me with his creativity and I was very blessed by what he put together to honor me on Mother's Day.

More significantly, this year I was sincerely able to wrestle down my heart that, in its pride, thinks I should be honored, have the day off and be pampered with all the earthly pleasures that delight my fancy. While it is not wrong to be honored, have the day off or be pampered, it is wrong to consider oneself deserving of these things and demand them. Instead, benefitting from the prayers and accountability of a friend, I was able to honor my Mother in law this year by making her dinner and seeking to honor her on Mother's day.

Sadly, yet in typical child-like fashion, I forgot to even call my own mother. Oh, what a hypocrit I can be...demand something from my own children (who are 4,4 and 2) that I didn't even give it to my own mother when I am how old? My mother was very gracious when I did finally call her a day or two later. I want to be like her when I grow up! :)

Enjoy these pics. of what my hubby/kiddos did for me this Mother's Day.


Anonymous said...

The t-shirts are such a creative idea!

zz said...

Yes, very creative, and probably time consuming? What many moms wouldn't give to have that kind of
sweetness. But I do understand where you're coming from. Some men just need more help in understanding how important it is to be a little gushy on big days. We are much more prone to think we're not so loved when the outward expessions are withheld--or shown in ways that don't mean as much. I'll shut up now. You can see it's a sore spot for me, too. I want to get to the point where I'm more thoughtful of other mothers (my own included) than I am of myself. There were some years I didn't even go to church on M.Day. But I've grown up--and been delivered of a lot of muck that kept me hating that day.

Anyway, your man done good on the shirt idea.

Briana Almengor said...

Zo...I don't think the kids really helped all that much w/ the shirts; probably just tagged along and watched the process more than actually participated in making the shirts. I'm sure they would not have turned out so uniform if they had...cute, yes, but legible? probably not. That said, the boys especially do love surprising people with gifts and special things like this, so I know they were excited about it.