Thursday, July 30, 2009

Free Sundaes

After sweating buckets at a local playground, I decided (upon the kids' suggestion) that an icecream treat was in order. I had coupons for free sundaes at McDonald's thanks to our local library's summer reading program, so decided to take the kids there. As we walked in, Bella screams, "Mom, where's the cow? Where's the cow, mom?"

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krista said...

Got some coupons from our library to use too! Natalia earned a free admission to the Strasburg Railroad and the McD's ice cream thing.

I'm wondering what my loot will be--just got a voicemail message saying I won this week's Wednesday draw!

The adults turn in a summary sheet once they've completed 3 either I was the only one to turn one in last week, or God wanted to encourage my heart with some free stuff! :o)