Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Waiting for the doctor

We're trying really hard to get better here at the Almengor's.
After 5-6 days of fever/cough, we took all the kids to the doctor yesterday. Figuring the waiting room would be crowded (and it was), and not wanting to share our unknown germs with anyone else who may actually be well, LA wisely brought our laptop and a movie for the kids to watch in the van while we waited for the pediatrician to be available.

For my family and anyone else who may miss seeing my kiddos' faces, here's a little video of them watching a video. HA! I know...real exciting. I'm just figuring out how to upload the videos we've taken on our flip, so eventually, I'll get others up here.


Laurie said...

love those little faces! I can't believe how old the boys look. have fun with your flip. we love ours - we loved it to death in fact :) .

Danielle said...

Hope you guys are better soon. How do you like your flip? I really want to get one eventually!!

Marie said...

I recognize that movie :)

Anonymous said...

SO cute. Hope they are all feeling much better.
amanda k