Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some Ideas for Christmas

Yet again, my friend, Laurie, inspires this post. She asked some of her twitter friends to blog some ideas for Christmas gifts. Here are my top three.

1. Something sentimental
Marketing got me this year, which is unusual for me. But, it's Hallmark and that may have something to do with it. Probably my favorite gift idea this year comes from them. It's a recordable story book. I am buying it for my parents to give to my children. I think this gift is especially great if grandparents live at a distance and can't be seen on a weekly basis. Find their selection here:

2. Support someone
I like to multi-task. What woman doesn't? I think I found a way to "multi-task" of sorts in my gift giving this year, too. I have friends and family who have their own business from a handyman to jewelry to makeup, home decor and of course, my own business of the Pampered Chef. If you have friends and family who are in business for themselves, why not seek to support their efforts by purchasing something from them for your loved ones. It could be an item, a gift certificate/card or so many hours worth of someone's needed service. (**We'd love for any of our family to purchase some "handyman" hours from our friend, Ed Griger, to give to us for many needed home improvements.)

I'd much rather give my money to someone I know who will benefit directly from it than to Walmart. But, that's just me. :)

3. Experiences
We're not into "stuff" here at the Almengor's...well, mostly. I like experiences and/or consumable gifts. Why not bake or cook someone's favorite dish for them for Christmas? Or buy their favorite candy?
I like the idea of giving my children and family experiences rather than more things.
So, for my boys this Christmas, I'm asking for money for them to go to summer camp in 2010. And, I may ask for money for Bella to take some dance classes.
I may give our kids swimming lessons for Christmas (not sure they're going to be thrilled about this one, so it's still being discussed).


Danielle said...

I thought about doing swimming lessons for the boys birthday. I like experiences over stuff too, except for when books and music are involved. ;)

Laurie said...

love it. thanks for the ideas, friend.

Rebecca said...

Great suggestions Brianna! I agree wholeheartedly about giving to others businesses instead of to Walmart. It takes more effort that way, but it is worth it.

Kristen said...

The story book idea is so cool! What a good idea!

Thanks for your continuous comments on our blog! It's so nice to know that someone reads what we write.

There is a second hand clothes store about 5 minutes from our apartment and at the end of every month they put everyone on sale!! I am a frequent shopper to say the least... I think Garrett is glad that I'm pregnant since it means I can't buy as much stuff! ( :

krista said...

Love the ideas Bri!

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is the gift me, my siblings and our spouses give to my parents. This year we got them theatre tickets to see Driving Miss Daisy and a gift certificate to the cool cafe across the street.