Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Almengor funnies

Because I will one day forget their sweet, squeaky voices and all the cute things they say at their ages...

Bella calls egg nog, "milk nog"

The other evening I asked all three of the kids to clean up the living room to which I received the typical complaining and asking me to help them. I told them that I had a different job to do in the kitchen while they did their jobs in the living room. Tucker replied with, "I think Bella thinks her job is to watch."

Today I was seeking to encourage Judah about wearing his eye patch. He hates wearing it, and he's supposed to wear it every day for 2 hours. As I've told him a gazillion times before, he needs to wear the patch to help make his eye grow stronger. Tucker replied, "Does it have fiber in it?"

My funny, wonderful children. I love you!


Anonymous said...

Tell you Bri, enter this in RD. It is too too funny. You should get all the funny stuff and write a book.

krista said...

too cute! especially liked the comment about Bella thinking her job was to watch. :o)

Zoanna said...

The Petite Supervisor strikes again.

Fiber. love it!