Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Everyday Life

We're grateful for everyday life here at the Almengor's. It's a bit nutso most of the time, but I'm trying to enjoy as much of it as I can and give thanks knowing that time is flying by and I won't get these days back with my babies ever again.

How are you enjoying your everyday life?


Libby said...

I am enjoying reading the same books over and over. I am enjoying putting on music and dancing each afternoon. I am enjoying the each new word she learns. AHH, all of it!

Sandy said...

I so agree...every day is the best day of my life...God is so kind

Danielle said...

Lots of fun winter day projects!!

I think my favorite parts of the day are snuggling with the boys in bed in the morning and reading at naptime. Love it everyday!

Zoanna said...

Today I enjoyed the ride in to school with Joel at 10:30. His voice was sweet and his conversation delightful. "Mom, I don't like blizzards...or hail. But I like hail Marys! Like when I'm running with the football and yell, "hail Mary!" and the guy in the endzone goes deep and catches it. That's really cool."

Good to keep a record of these priceless little moments. Love the pictures.