Monday, August 09, 2010


Some slogans our family is found saying often:

"Pay now or pay later."
Think child training or eating that third helping of dinner

"When in doubt, leave it out."
This comes in handy when I just can't decide whether to do something, buy something, etc.

"Something is better than nothing."
I am known to throw this out to my hubby in reference to family devotions or exercise.

"Asleep in the Storm"
And, my hubby throws this out to me when I'm calling him to say "HELP~ I have 10 things screaming for my attention at once, 3 of them being our children, and I'm losing my mind."

"We can't do it all."
We say this to one another A LOT b/c frankly, in our pride, we want to do it all and be it all. God brings daily reminders that we are finite and simply cannot do it all nor were intended to.

"You write checks your body can't cash."
Oh, my hubby says this to me all the time. Mom, it's all your fault! I guess I tend to commit myself to too many good things or try to tackle too many things on a to do list all at once forgetting that my body has limitations.

Interesting what these slogans say about the nature of our family?! Hmmm. What do you think?
What are some of the slogans by which your family lives or is guided?


Kelly said...

My family's slogan is "It is what it is" - my older sister even has a sign bearing the phrase in her bathroom! One of those things to remind us that somethings we just can't change, so don't waste your time moaning over it.
Toby and I often quote from the Matrix, "There is no spoon". Hard to explain that one, though it was borne out of a 9-hour car trip that should have taken 3 hours - it got to the point where we could no longer imagine what was causing all the issues, and this quote just popped up. It's been a personal joke ever since!

Briana Almengor said...

Kelly that reminds me of another one of ours which is a quote from "Dumb and Dumber" (a love it or hate it movie..we love it). We often say, "Our pets heads are falling off" when we feel like nothing is going our way which, for me, is often b/c I'm so proud and GOd often needs to remind me who's in charge. ;)
LA will throw that one out and it'll help me not take life so seriously.

Danielle said...

We don't have many slogans, but Josh's is "Another Day, another way." He says this to me when I'm stressing out over trying to get a bunch of stuff done when I've obviously run out of time for the day! :) He says it less to me now than he used to, so hopefully this means I've grown in learning my daily limitations!

Anonymous said...

We say "Nice guys have skinny kids"- a famous quote from my Dad, which can mean anything really, but always makes us laugh.

amanda k

Briana Almengor said...

aww.Amanda, I remember that quote. Thanks for reminding me. Miss you.

Zoanna said...

I say, "The house can't lose anything." People lose things and blame the house.

Paul tends to say, "toMORrow..." when he is not pleased with how the family has performed today (usually if there are notable signs of laziness).

Another is "Bootsanagee" (boot san uh ghee:") which is gibberish that Joel mumbled as a toddler when we were trying to understand him or vice versa. So now whenever someone is really confused and you've explained yourself blue in the face, someone says, "Bootsanagee"--with a "give up on it" sort of laugh.