Saturday, December 03, 2011

Christmas at our house

Welcome to Christmas at our house. As a self proclaimed collector of nothing, I do nevertheless have quite an affinity for nativities, especially ones from around the world. Notice in my pictures this year a very special and new nativity scene brought to me all the way from Tanzania, Africa! Remembering how much I adore unique nativity scenes, my baby sister thoughtfully purchased this for me before returning to the States despite being deathly ill during her stay in Africa. Thank you, Kara! It is and YOU being home safely are the best Christmas gifts this year for me.

In case you care, a little more information about my Christmas decor this year...

The live Christmas tree is a very serious thing for me each year. I am a diehard live tree girl, though I still sincerely love all my friends and family who put up those awful artificial ones. ;)
My children graciously bear with me each year as I pass over many a tree to find the "perfect" one. Remembering last year's meltdowns, I decided I would turn the decision over to my children. They were grateful, quick, and did a GREAT job! Our tree this year may be the most beautiful one we've ever had.

The fabric garland hanging through my pass thru window was my momma's idea and Judah's execution. I love it's festiveness.

In one of my manger scenes, you may notice the baby Jesus missing from his cradle. That's on purpose. ;) I take Jesus out of his cradle and include an empty manger (a simple box w/ hay inside) under our Christmas tree each year. On Christmas morning, however, Jesus appears in his manger "wrapped in swaddling" clothes. Looking on the empty mangers throughout the month of December is a daily reminder of what this season is about: waiting for Jesus to come.


Danielle said...

Wow, what a treasure that new nativity will be! Also, the tree really is lovely. And the garland is awesome.

krista said...

That new nativity is so cool! LOVE.

I'm curious what the garland is made out of. I really like it!

I had to chuckle at your Scrabble letters. (We're two peas in a pod.) You'll have to see my upcoming post on our Christmas decor to find out why! ;-)