Thursday, March 01, 2012

30 day challenge check in

So, apparently February is over and March has begun. I'm having a hard time keeping track of the time of year given the weather we've been enjoying this winter. It was in the 60's today.

My 30 day challenges for February were not to criticize but encourage my hubby daily and to read leisurely for 15 minutes daily.

I chose not to pick up one specific book for the reading challenge but instead continue to plod on in the books and magazines I have on my nightstand along with the various blogs I read online. The goal was leisure. So, even though I typically read non-fiction for information or inspiration, I decided that IS leisure for me.

I picked up a new magazine this month that I am hoping to subscribe to sometime in the future. It's called, "Mother Earth News", and a friend of mine gave me her copy to read. It's choc full of inspiration and information for this tree huggin, crunchy girl. :)

In regards to encouraging my hubby, I figured he would be the best judge on how I did. Half way through the month, without soliciting for this, he said I was "rocking it" with the encouragement. Then, my stinking hormones decided to get the best of me and I turned into a beast. ick.

Nevertheless, I was grateful for the resource a friend pointed me to from Revive Our Hearts, a 30 day challenge on encouraging one's husband. So, I signed up for that and received an email each day with a scripture and a specific area on which to focus my encouragement to my husband. I found these emails very helpful and archived them. I am planning to go through them again in March. You can find that resource along with other 30 day challenges Revive Our Heart sponsors here:

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Mark Altrogge said...

30 day challenge - that's inspiring Briana! I like it. I just read a book (secular) called The Habit Factor which sounds similar. I really like the challenge you took for February, especially the part about encouraging! Inspiring.