Monday, June 04, 2012

Guileless in Goalessness

How do you like that title?  :)

So, May's 30 day challenges to wake up early, go to bed early and pray for my leaders daily was a massive failure. Maybe my previous 30 day goals I really wanted to do, and these I only felt I should do? Maybe life took a few unexpected, major turns this past month, and I found myself a bit distracted from focusing on the challenges? Maybe I attempted too much for this month and should have chosen one or the other but not both? Maybe I just became fried of focusing on the same thing for 30 days in a row? Whatever the reason, I took a nose dive with May's challenges.

And, while June's 30 day challenge seems more attainable, work on improving the outside of my home 15 minutes daily, I am guiltlessly making a choice to set aside this 30 day challenge for now.

Our family is undergoing some changes, and I need to focus my energies on prayer, preparation and "rolling with the punches."

I hope to still write here on the blog, but I must admit that I am lacking motivation to articulate much at all via pen or otherwise. Having recently experienced a flare with my back, I find it difficult to concentrate and be as productive as I would like with the residual, gnawing pain I am still withstanding. Some days are better than others. Today is not one of them, but I haven't been to my chiropractor in almost 2 weeks. I am hoping to see him tomorrow.

As for you, O Lord, you will not restrain
    your mercy from me;
your steadfast love and your faithfulness will
    ever preserve me!
Psalm 40:11


Danielle said...

Goals are meant to be made AND broken. Sometimes they become overbearing or are no longer needed. Glad you're feeling guiltless in breaking them. :)

Gwen Knight said...

Have you already consulted your chiropractor about your back pain? It's understandable that pain affects concentration on everyday activities. Why don’t you take a break, and perhaps visit your chiropractor. He might be of some help to regaining your strength.