Sunday, February 15, 2015

What God Asks and Never Asks of His Own

God asks His children to endure hard, hard things,
Painful things,
To endure long periods of unknowns
Without answers or relief.

God asks us to have courage and be strong,
To trust Him
and lean not on our own understanding.

God asks us to take on things that are out of our comfort zone--
That hurt and stretch us.

God asks us to give things up,
To surrender,
To lean on Him.

God asks us hard, hard things.

But He NEVER has
And never will ask us
To be without Him through any of it.

We always, always have His presence.

We always, always have His power to overcome.

We always have His name to call on,
His promises to lean on.

We always have His wisdom guiding,
His Spirit abiding.

We always, always have the Father's perfect love
To cast out every fear.

We always have His favor,
His acceptance,
His attention.

WE always, always have Him.

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