Monday, April 06, 2015

The Monday After

There was a sense of let down when I woke up this morning. 
What now?
What for today?
Easter celebrations are over. 

I am having to remind myself that Easter celebrations for me, a Christian, are never over. 
Today, I celebrate afresh, again and for always--
     Christ is risen from the dead, 

     Trampling over death by death

I walk out onto my stone porch, leaving my over-sized sliding glass door open behind me so I can hear the words to Matt Maher's "Christ is Risen" blaring from our speaker and with my arms stretched out wide, eyes scanning the trees to search for buds of life amidst the dead limbs, I defiantly declare, 
     O death, where is your sting?
     O hell, where is your victory?
     O Church, come stand in the light.
     The glory of God has defeated the night. 

So today, when I am tempted to give in to discouragement, loneliness and let down, I resolve to remember, "God has defeated the night." Any night of the soul over me has no welcome and no claim on me; it has been defeated. 
I will persist to proclaim it. 
I will believe it. 

And when I walk the yard and fear the life of plants and bushes was stolen from this past winter, one of the coldest Maryland has seen in decades, I will purpose to pay mind to the life that remains and praise the One who gives life, sustains life and calls awake what lies dormant and dead. 

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