Thursday, June 16, 2005

Judah's first eye surgery

Judah had eye surgery on May 20th. It was done to help control the pressures in his eyes so that glaucoma will not eventually take his vision. The two procedures performed are called a tribechulotomy and a tribechulectomy (not sure about the spelling..sorry!). He was under anasthesia for nearly three hours. Even though it took a full day until he was himself again, he did well coming out of anasthesia.

As a result of the surgery, his right eye (the one worked on) was swollen shut for about a week. The swelling has gone down significantly, and the eye itself looks free of infection, for which we are very grateful. However, he still isn't opening his eye completely. It's opened less than half way. We have been reassured several times by the doctor that this is within the realm of normal as far as recovery goes for this surgery, and that it should not affect his long term vision.

Nevertheless, we are finding ourselves anxious at times about his vision getting worse with the length of time that has gone by without him really using that eye. Before the surgery, this eye was found to be more near sighted and we had been patching the other "good" eye for an hour a day to try to strengthen the "bad" eye.

Please pray:
  • Judah would open his right eye soon
  • Judah's vision would not be adversely affected by this or subsequent surgeries he may need
  • Lawrence and I would be anxious for nothing (Phil 4:6) but trust God, who in all things works for our good (Rom. 8:28)
  • Lawrence and I would have wisdom and grace to shepherd Judah and Tucker's heart even at this young age to be confident in God's goodness and mercy to them no matter what the outcome of Judah's lot.

Thank the Lord with us:

  • Judah has continued to be seizure free (seizures & strokes are an expected norm. for many with Sturge Weber)
  • Judah does well under anasthesia (he will need to be "under" for all his eye exams for a while)
  • Judah is managing well with the use of just one eye!
  • The eye that is healing has shown no signs of infection.

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Danielle said...

Thanks for this blog, Briana, now we can know more specifically how to pray for Judah (and you and Lawrence).