Friday, July 08, 2005

My friend, De, and Judah's EUA results

My friend, De Neumann, went with me today to Judah's EUA (evaluation under anasthesia). She has gone with me to Hopkins on a number of occasions, and she is a great person to have with me. She helps me keep God's perspective on our circumstances, doesn't ever allow me to slip into self pity or self absorption, and is always full of faith for what our mighty, merciful God wants to do and can do in our lives and through our circumstances. Thank you, De! And, thank you, Lord, for putting such wonderful, godly people in our lives to help us carry this burden. It often doesn't feel like a burden but a blessing because of the people You, Lord, have surrounded us with.

Judah's EUA went very well today. We were getting the usual speel from the anasthesiologist, and she mentioned the shot that would be given him for the anasthestic. I retorted, "Shot? Last time Judah received gas through a mask. Can we do that instead of giving him a shot?"
Anasthesiologist: "Are you seeing Dr. -----?"
Me: "Yes."
Anas.: "He makes everyone get the shot."
Me: "He allowed Judah to have the gas last time."
Anas.: "That's because you participated in the study and randomly were chosen for the gas last time. Why don't you ask the doctor yourself. He may be more open to giving Judah the gas if you ask him versus me asking him."

Later the doctor came to speak with us. I simply asked if Judah could have the gas rather than the shot. He said, "Sure, that shouldn't be a problem."

The anasthesiologist later thanked me for being persistent for the gas, relaying that the doctor definitely prefers his patients receive the shot, but that she sees how the gas is a lot less traumatizing for parents and kids alike.

I felt the Lord's care for Judah and for me in that moment.

It took a matter of minutes for the doctor to evaluate Judah's eye pressures, and the news was favorable. The last surgery seems to be taking its desired effect in Judah's right eye in regards to keeping his pressures low. And the other eye which has had no intervention is within the range of normal, too. NO NEED FOR SURGERY TODAY!!

The doctor noted that Judah's right eye is still not completely open and suggested I consult with Judah's regular opthamologist about it. He felt that time would improve the eye, but wants to monitor it closely. If it does not improve on its own, Judah may need an additional surgery down the road known as a "lid lift".

Please thank God with us that:
  • Judah was able to receive gas rather than a shot today, a lot less traumatizing for him and mommy
  • Judah did not need further surgery today
  • Judah had no complications with anasthesia
  • God has surrounded us with helpful, godly friends who are such a means of encouragement to us

Please continue to pray for:

  • Judah's right eye to open completely and vision to be fully restored
  • Judah's eye pressures will continue to stay within the range of normal
  • Judah will continue seizure free

Thank you to all of you who are praying and praising God with us. When we walked in to register this morning and I told the receptionist that my son's name was Judah, she responded with, "Judah, that's a good, strong name." And, later De reminded me that Judah's name means "praise". I am eager to see all the ways God will strengthen my son for his lot and all the ways we will praise God on behalf of my little man's life!

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Libby said...

Bri-Your praise brought tears to my eyes. God is so merciful and so good, despite circumstance that tell the world otherwise. His sovereignty is overwhelming--in your life, in Judah's life, in my life. Thank you for your persistent (and consistent) praise of His name.