Monday, August 15, 2005

EEG and Neurological Evaluation next Monday

Judah will have an EEG and Neuro. eval. next Monday, Aug. 22nd. He is participating in an ongoing study by Dr. Anne Comi and the SWS center, allowing him to receive free EEG's every 3 months. This is a much less invasive way to try to determine whether or not there is brain involvement with the Sturge Weber. While less invasive and really not painful at all, it is still not Judah's favorite way to spend the afternoon. He often wiggles and cries quite a bit while the technician gets all the electrodes glued to his head.

Also taking place that day will be a neuro. eval. where Dr. Comi will do an overall exam to see if Judah is doing everything he is supposed to be at his age. I'm expecting things to go well; however, I do have one concern. Judah's head continues to grow. He's been off the charts for many months, and at our most recent pediatrician's visit, his head size was even off the curve he had been on for a while. He doesn't seem to be suffering any developmental delays, but this is always a concern. And, obviously, we are wondering when and if his head will stop growing and what sort of implications there will be for his current misproportioned head size.

Please pray:
  • Judah will cooperate for the EEG and they'll gather good information from the test
  • Dr. Comi will be able to relieve some of my fears re: Judah's head size and that his neuro. eval. will indicate normal progress for a boy his age in all regards

Please thank God with us that:

  • we live so close to Hopkins and can participate in studies that will help Judah and other SWS children in the future
  • no matter what the EEG shows or what Dr. Comi concludes from her neuro. eval. that Judah is in God's Hands and that God's plan is to give Judah a hope and a future
  • the boys turned 1 yr. old; we made it their entire first year without Judah suffering any seizures or strokes!


peg said...

We will be praying for Judah's appointment next monday and for yu all.We love you and miss you!
God's grace is mightily at work in you, Briana!

peg said...

how did the appointment go, Bri???