Monday, August 29, 2005

Judah's EEG That Never Was

Judah's EEG and neuro. evaluation was cancelled for the second time. Today, I had to call and cancel because Judah was up about 5 times throughout the night last night. He seems to be fine today and is not presenting any other symptoms, but because Tucker was going to be watched by one of my friends who has a 7 month old of her own, I decided I would keep both the boys home today and try not to spread any potential yucky germs we might be harboring here at the Almengor's.

We celebrated Judah and Tucker's 1st birthday with some friends from church this weekend. It was a wonderfully fun time, and I will try to blog about it on Judah and Tucker's page soon. I'm hoping Judah's sleeplessness was a result of the flurry of people and activity from the weekend.

I will take this opportunity, however, to briefly ask for prayer...again! :) I find myself anxious lately about taking Judah for tests. As I tell people about his tests or treatments that are becoming rather common place for us, I realize there's still quite a measure of anxiety attached to these trips to the doctor. I feel like I should be o.k. with these tests and treatments because we've been doing them for quite a while now, and I have the routine down. But, there's an underlying fear each time we go that something is going to go wrong, or that we'll receive bad news this time. I know that even should something go wrong or we get 'bad' news, God will still be Sovereign and loving us, giving us better than what we deserve. Nevertheless, there is this fear that lingers.

So, with all that, please continue to pray for me and for our entire family. I see that God has already done so much in my heart through this circumstance, but there is still much character to be wrought. I know it will take time, and I'm confident it will be produced largely due to your faithful prayers on our behalf. Thanks so much!

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