Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another EUA

A bit last minute, but anyone who reads on Monday, would you please pray for Judah today? He is going in for an EUA (evaluation under anesthesia) on his eyes. He has not had one since January because the surgeon who has always done these for Judah left Hopkins rather abruptly. So, between that change and Judah's brain surgery in May, we had not scheduled another EUA until now.

I am faced once again with the choice that I face each time we take Judah in for any type of evaluation: 1. be anxious over many things or 2. seek the opportunity it affords to trust God and to entrust my son to God's mercy and care. God has always been so good to us through each procedure and proven His faithfulness time and time again which hasn't always or even often meant "easy" to get through. Nevertheless, I can waver in my trust, a temptation I'm sure common to man. But, I want to trust God because He is trustworthy!

Please pray that:
  • Judah will fare well once again with anesthesia. He is going in with some mild congestion, and the boys' asthma flared up a couple weeks ago. So, this can be cause for concern when going under anesthesia.
  • Wisdom and Skill for Judah's new doctor, Dr. Jampel. While he has more experience overall with glaucoma patients than Judah's previous doctor, he has less experience with Sturge Weber patients. Apparently, the typical glaucoma surgeries are both more risky and less effective in SWS patients.
  • Judah will not need surgery tomorrow but that his pressures will fall within normal ranges.
  • Tucker will do well with Lawrence's mom, who will be staying with him tomorrow, as he grows more aware of the dynamics of these times when we're away from him.

I'll try to post how things go asap. Thanks for praying!


Danielle said...

Briana, I'll be praying tonight and tomorrow!

kristie said...

I'll be praying for you guys.