Monday, September 18, 2006


An update on Judah's eyes:

Judah's usual opthamologist, Dr. Abrams, decided it was best for her to examine Judah's eyes to clarify what the glaucoma surgeon saw. I took him for an appointment last Wednesday, and she found no reason for concern. She said his one optic nerve does look 'congested', but that appearance could be a result of the hemangioma being more prominent on that side of his face. Nevertheless, it was good news and I thanked God that we weren't going to be sent into "emergency mode" once again.

Pampered Chef party: Huge Success!

Lawrence and I are so very grateful for the amazing response I had to the Pampered Chef party. There were 22 women in my home Friday night! Several women who weren't able to attend ordered on line or through the catalogue. A handful of you have commented that you are going to place an order this week. And, still others offered simply to make a donation right to the Sturge Weber Foundation. All of that adds up to what Lawrence and I estimate to be a $400-$500 donation to the SWF!! We are so blessed by everyone's generosity and excited about the success of our first initiative toward 'giving back' to an organization that has given so much to us!
**If you still want to place an order with Pampered Chef (you can see instructions on how to do this on line if you scroll down to a post I entitled, 'An Invitation'.) or give a flat donation to the Sturge Weber Foundation, please do so by the end of this week, September 23rd. Thanks!

Allergies, Asthma and A Tired Momma:

Just when I thought I would be able to take a breather, Tucker started with bad allergies and asthma this weekend. Thankfully, we were able to keep him out of the ER and off the oral steroid by giving him nebulizer treatments every 2.5/3 hours on Friday and Saturday. He seems to be doing better with the asthma, but he and Judah both are very congested. I am unable to discern for Judah whether it is allergies or a cold.

So, I find myself once again at God's mercy to know how to care for my little men. Of all the medical issues we have dealt with in the boys, their asthma causes me the greatest amount of stress and anxiety. I was grateful to be reminded by a friend yesterday of this line from a familiar worship song, "Creator, Giver of Grace, Sustainer or Infants and Kings..." I am grateful that it is God who sustains Judah and Tucker's lives, and I'm seeking to put to rest my anxious mind in this truth.

Baby #3

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

Our week wasn't busy enough, so we threw in a sonogram, too! It was great to see the little baby as I occasionally forget that I'm pregnant. It's so different carrying just one; the movement is so much more slight than with the boys who I often felt were having a boxing match inside! All body parts were present and from what the sonographer could tell, looked healthy. The only part he couldn't get a good look at was the one we most wanted to see! His best guess is a girl, but he couldn't be sure given the poor positioning of the baby for determining gender. Unlike with the boys, I will probably not go back for another sonogram. SO, we will have to wait and be surprised! Just like almost anything else in life, Lawrence and I have opposing preferences for the sex of this baby. I would like a girl, and he would like another boy! I guess at least one of us will be pleasantly surprised in another 20 weeks! :) I'm sure we'll both love the little one no matter its gender.

Please continue to pray for:
  • health for me and the baby.
  • freedom from allergies, colds and asthma for the boys.

Feel free to suggest any girl names for us to consider. We think we have the boy's name settled, but the girl's name is still up in the air.


Alivia's Momma said...

oh the name game. I love this game. Erin Wallwork and I both vote for Claire or Erin or Emily. Just some thoughts. Love you.

Libby said...

I love the name Claire, too. So classic. And the other girl names...well I have to keep them to myself, just in case I need them one day. A good friend did just recently steal a name I mentioned to her that I liked. I can't get burnt twice =)

Danielle said...

Glad things went well at your Pampered Chef party! Also glad to hear good news for Judah's eyes and your third little one is healthy!

Beth Chase said...

Samantha. It popped in my head today to suggest to Joy. Doesn't Lawrence have a brother Sam? Maybe that would be confusing. I'll try to think of some cute ones that will go with "Almengor". I'm rambling...

What are we going to do with those boys and their asthma??? I hope they are feeling better. Any word about seeing an allergist? ~ Beth

Beth Young said...

I love Julia or Juliette.

Suzanne said...

Did you find out what your boys were before they were born? We did! :)