Monday, March 05, 2007

The Week Behind and Ahead

Well, I made it an entire week on my own, sort of. I did have some friends pick up groceries for me, one who came a morning to watch the boys while Bella and I went to Target, and meals were provided for us all week, too. Other than that, I was here at home with three kids under three. And, we all survived to tell about it. :)

Good news: I can put off Bella's hearing test until I'm through some of the more urgent dr's appointments (per our pediatrician's office), and they gave us their recommendation for another hearing assessment place so that I won't have to go back to the first place we tried. Thank you, Lord. Have I said how much I love our pediatrician's office?

Bella seems to be doing well; although she drives me to my knees often. She is still taking the Zantac well and seems to be eating well, sleeping well, etc. But, she's had eye crusties/boogies for the last week or so which her ped. thought might just be a blocked tear duct. I'd be satisfied with that assessment, too, except that the boys have both had a little bit of the same thing, and Bella has had some nose boogies in the last couple days as well. I don't want to make too much of it unnecessarily, but can't remember the boys having boogies this young. I haven't yet called the pediatrician; I'm trying to give it time to see if it goes away on its own. And, I'm praying if it is any kind of virus/cold, that it will stay up in her head and not slide down into her chest where it really could cause her some serious trouble. Would you please pray with me that it would all clear up in the next day or so?

We will take Bella to see a pulmonologist this Thursday at 3:30. Dr. Blaisedell saw the boys in their first year and so, we have some history with her. We're confident she'll do what's best for Bella, but want to be sure to make helpful and accurate observations here at home in order to help Dr. Blaisedell make the most informed decisions re: Bella's care. Would you please pray that God will make me and Lawrence observe what we need to with Bella?

I am daily gaining strength and trying to add in more of my usual responsibilities. I seem to be able to keep up (sort of) with our laundry and dishes, but am still running out of energy quickly when we try to go out or have company in for more than a couple hours at a time. I'm prayerful every day that God would help me to be humble about my limitations but discerning about what I can and should be trying to do again to serve my family and our home.

I am going to try to post again either today or soon with some cute things the boys have said/done regarding Bella along with some pictures of the girlie! Stay tuned. :)

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