Friday, July 27, 2007

Our Time Away

I figured I should get something new on the blog since we're well past the asthma episode.
Judah responded well to the nebulizer treatments and has since had no more asthma episodes. The boys are both back on their daily steroid through the nebulizer and probably will remain on it through the fall and winter now. I hate having them on a daily medication, but it is much better than having an asthma attack land us in the ER.

After MUCH deliberation and prayer, Lawrence decided that Bella and I would go with him to Florida earlier this week. It was not an easy decision for either of us, but God was gracious to reveal some lessons He was seeking to teach us through it all, mainly about Lawrence's leadership and my submission. More on that in another post someday (maybe).

Bella was an absolute joy to have along with us. She did amazingly well on the flights. Late night flights, though putting you at your destination late at night, are much preferable for traveling with babies as 1. they tend to sleep through the flight and 2. there are typically less people on those flights. Bella was my companion during the day while Lawrence was in class. We ate breakfast and lunch at Panera, about a 10 minute walk from the hotel. We had our first "cream tea" at a local place called The Chai House. (well, I had the tea and scone; Bella just watched me eat and got a 'taste' of it later when she nursed). :)

She and I took our first girls only shopping trip where I stumbled upon a great little boutique that had a coat I really wanted to buy. See it here. It also had a line of embroidered items that I fell in love with, one item being a onesie that had "Sweet Pea" embroidered on it selling for a measly $18.

In between many phone calls home to check in on my sick boys, I read parenting books, Christ Our Mediator, watched an entire episode of Hells Kitchen, got to see Martha make brownie cookies for icecream sandwiches which I may try to duplicate for the boys' upcoming 3rd birthday party, took a long, uninterrupted nap, played around with styling my new haircut and adored the rare opportunity to have one on one time with my baby girl.

Lawrence and I were able to catch up in the evenings for dinner. One night we walked all over the place trying to figure out where we'd eat only to end up back at the hotel for some undercooked chicken and french fries. Mine was the undercooked chicken and thankfully, I didn't get sick from it. But, we did get my meal for free! The 2nd night, we ate at an American Cafe where I had better luck with a Hawaiian salad that was one of the best salads I've ever eaten. It had glazed chicken, grilled shrimp, pineapple, toasted cococut, mandarin oranges, pecans, and mixed greens. It was so flavorful, I didn't even need to use the sesame dressing that came on the side. We topped our dinner off with one of our favorite summertime desserts: icecream!

Writing it all out, I see that God provided some great memories for me with my daughter and husband, time for rest and re-envisioning as a mom and protection for my boys while they stayed at home with our sitters (who were amazing to willingly and lovingly care for our little sickos while we were gone...thanks, Kristin and Melissa). Unfortunately, I had a hard time while away really separating myself from what was happening here at home with the boys. I find it seems to get harder and harder to leave my kids for any amount of time even if it's time I know I need and will be well appreciated after the fact. I guess this is common to motherhood. Nevertheless, I am back in my "nest", re-envisioned for the hard but wonderful task of mothering my three little gifts.

Thank you, Lord, for time away to hear from you without the distraction of a dishwasher needing unloaded and three diapers needing changed all at the same time. Thank you for wonderful resources like Shepherding a Child's Heart and Teach Them Diligently that help to guide Lawrence and me in parenting our children for your glory. Thank You for Your Word that reveals the depths of my heart and need for You as I try each day to be a godly wife and mom. Thank you for Judah, Tucker and Bella, truly good gifts from You!


Zoanna said...

That's a report chockful of God's goodness. So glad to you did. Reminds me of a previous trip you debated taking with LA when a boy got sick right before, huh? And you went and had a good time. There's a pattern here !:) I would have enjoyed it all expept Hell's Kitchen. I can't stand that chef demoralizing everyone . The TV "bleeps" out so many expletives it sounds like a heart rate monitor. I am SO glad you went. It WILL get easier to leave kids if you practice regularly and you will be a better mom for your occasional refreshment! I used to think "how selfish" of moms to do that (when I was really too self-righteous to admit it). Good for you. You're refreshing with moderation!

Jessi said...

Sounds like God did a lot in you in your time away...but I can relate to feeling unable to 'disconnect' from what you are all too well-aware of what's going on at home!!

Sometime I'd like to talk to you about Shepherding a Child's Heart...we've purchased the video series to do a class at our church, but haven't been able to make it happen as of yet (logistics); but neither Todd nor I have ever taken/read it, so it would be good to hear about it before we dive in.

Welcome back to the blogosphere!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Glad everything went so smoothly. Your coat is so cute, I love fitted styles like that. Glad you got some restful time and one-on-one time with your girly.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great trip, so glad you decided to go and that everything went really well.

Audrey said...

Sounds like you had a great time...I am reading through "Teach Them Diligently" as well...I am really liking it....glad to hear you are as well...Glad that you had such a relaxing time...I know it is hard to leave the kiddos even though that time is such a great time of refreshment from the Lord and helping us to have a clearer vision of what our duties are as Mommas....welcome home:)

Anonymous said...

Good for the asthma improvement and the "vacation"...once you re-enter your home life takes no time in returning to normal. Gigi