Monday, August 06, 2007

A Fun Tag

I have several things to write about, like the boys' recent 3rd birthday that we celebrated with great fun or the week ahead of me when I must 'hold down the fort' while my hubby travels for work. But, instead, I wanted to do this fun 'tag' found on my friend, Beth's blog.

A--Available/Single?--Always and Forever to the best hubby ever, Lawrence!

B--Best Friend? God has blessed me with many close friends

C--Cake or Pie? Cake, but only if it's super moist or anything from "Apple Annie's"

D--Drink of Choice? water or this summer, iced coffee

E--Essential Item You Use Everyday? glasses or contacts

F--Favorite Color? any bright color on my husband

G--Gummy Bears or Worms? worms, but not really a gummy fan

H--Hometown? Lehighton, PA

I--Indulgence? getting my hair done at Bubbles, Dunkin donuts coffee and choc. chip muffin, watching TV in the evening and anything chocolate

J--January or February? February, the month my Bella was born

K--Kids and their names? Judah, Tucker and Isabela

L--Life is incomplete without? God, His church, my family and friends

M--Marriage Date? March 16, 2002

N--Number of Siblings? 2 sisters and 4 brothers

O--Oranges or Apples? Mandarin Oranges

P--Phobias/Fears? massive, nearly unhealthy fear of bats and of my hubby dying on me

Q--Favorite Quote? don't really have one

R--Reason to Smile? I get to see my daughter smile and sons laugh nearly everyday.

S--Season? I'm definitely a fall hayrides, pickin' pumpkins, making apple everything, fall smelling candles, pulling out jeans again, the crisp air, etc.

T--Tag people? I don't usually like to

U--Unknown fact about me? Given my LOVE of chocolate, it might seem strange that I don't really prefer chocolate icecream.

V--Vegetable you don't like? beets

W--Worst Habit? eating something sweet in place of a meal

X--X-rays you've had? teeth and wrists

Y--Your favorite food? fruit, chocolate, anything my mom bakes

Z--Zodiac sign? Libra

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Kjirstin C said...

Very fun :) Iced coffee sounds really yummy! I'll have to try some. I know we haven't ever really talked, but I'm just getting into the "blogging" world at Chesapeake - it's fun to get to know people a little bit more!