Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Potty Training Update

I know the whole world really wants to know where the Almengor's stand with potty training. That's why I had to make time to write this post. It dawned on me after returning from a neighbor's house last night that really, the rest of the world doesn't need to know that my little boy has 'big boy pants' on and poopied in the toilet. But, somehow caring for three little kiddos all day long, everyday has sent me into a warped world where I forget that not everyone is as consumed with pee, poopie and puke all day long as I am.

Nevertheless, I am very happy to announce (because I know you're all on the edge of your seats wondering) that Tucker has been in big boy underpants for TWO days in a row now!! Not without accidents, but more in the toilet than on the floor. His batting average (for the few sports minded moms out there) is above 500! For the rest of you, that means that he's gone in the toilet more than 50% of the time versus the floor. And, so you don't think I'm condescending to you by explaining the batting average, I had to clarify that with my hubby. :)

I decided to hold off on training Judah as he decidedly told me he would not pee or poopie in the toilet, and the few times I got him on the potty he couldn't figure out how it worked. However, I think since I began witholding the M & M's from him after Tucker went potty, he has a bit more incentive to begin figuring it out.

Because I know you are so interested, I'll keep you posted on the developments of the latest and greatest in the Almengor household!


Marie J. said...

Way to go Tucker!!! (Or Bri, since we work harder than they do at this whole potty thing.) Even if Judah takes a bit longer, 2 in diapers is better than 3! (Elaina is not interested yet either.) Keep persevering!

Danielle said...

Yay Tucker!

Beth Young said...

I'm interested :-) Good work!!!

Tara said...

Very exciting... and from a mom who is right there with you I am truly excited :-)

My boy has been wearing his thomas underwear for about a week and is fairly consistent in using the potty and washing his hands on his own... I find it amazing and want to tell the world as well. Love the batting average comparison!

Anonymous said...

Yes, i have been on the edge of my virtual seat so to speak. Remember (from "What About Bob?"....movie upon which our church foundation is modeled) "baby steps", bri, "baby steps". Gigi