Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We're all sick here with sore throats, chest colds. Not fun. Not anything anyone else hasn't had this winter or will have. Last night, Judah had a pretty bad asthma attack. Thankfully, God mercifully spared us of having to take him to the ER, but we weren't all that certain at one point whether we were going to get him through it. Pretty unsettling stuff to deal with in the middle of the night, but we're somewhat used to it at the same time.

So, today I declared it "movie day" with my kids who were mostly excited about that. However, we've been playing more games with the boys, and Tucker really wanted to play "Pick Up Sticks". So, I suggested that we watch a movie, play a game, watch a movie, play a game, etc....go back and forth like that all day. Judah blurts out, "Mom, that's a pattern."

Ya think my guys are ready for school? :)


zz said...

Yes, I sure do. I love that he called it a pattern. Certainly sounds more fun than "doing what we already did" even if it IS the same concept. Bright boys. Sorry to hear the reason for your "pattern":)

Kristin said...

Hey...any four year old who tells me from the backseat..."does 4 and 4 make 8?" tells me they are ready for school! They are so smart!! :)

beth said...

Sorry about the sickness, my friend. I had it really bad last week. My girls played Wii for maybe 6 hours on Monday (Tommy was out of town...) There are just some days you have to do whatever it takes just to be sane at the end of the day!! Hope you all feel better soon :)