Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Celebration, 2010

Today, we celebrated the return of spring. I have done this for the last several years with the kids, and the boys now look forward to their "cinna-bunnies" for our spring celebration breakfast. I "stole" many of these ideas from other mommas, the cinna-bunnies included; although, this year I tried to make them from scratch, mostly (thanks, Cathy Plack for the amazing recipe!).

I like doing the spring celebration separate from our Easter celebrations as it allows us to more easily focus solely on the death and resurrection of Christ at Easter. For our spring celebration, we start our day with "cinna-bunnies" for breakfast, pick one treat from the spring basket which included books for each child this year. I usually have a spring craft and/or treat to do. This year we made birds nests with our friend, Duncan and Owen Jones, out of chocolate, coconut, pretzel sticks and jelly beans. I sadly don't have any pictures of those because it took two mommas' undivided attention to make sure all the jelly beans weren't eaten up before they got into the nests. :)

We read books about spring. When LA arrived home from work, we went to Mistyglen farm (friends of ours) for a hike. We ate egg salad sandwiches for dinner and enjoyed another chocolate treat from our spring basket for dessert. It was a wonderful day giving thanks to God for seeing us through another winter and welcoming us to a new season of warmth, light and life.


danielle said...

Thanks for sharing your spring celebration day with us! My boys enjoyed their bird nest treats today after church. I'm definitely inspired by you to do this next year. And I think you should post the recipe for those cinnamon buns. YUM!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea, Briana! Thanks for sharing your ideas and your day with us! Please post the cinnamon bun recipe, if you can. I have been searching for the perfect one. I would love to try yours.

Audrey said...

Oh that last comment was from me=) Sorry!

krista said...

What great ideas!

I have a "recipe" printed out that I am going to make to top an Easter cake when my family is together. It's a bird's nest made of chocolate coated chow mein noodles that you form and let set on wax paper. Then you decorate with marshmallow peeps and jelly beans or speckled chocolate eggs.

I've never made my own cinnamon buns but my aunt makes her own. I wonder if Cathy's recipe is similar. YUMMO!