Friday, June 18, 2010


Some folks hate feet, so be forewarned. This first shot is of mine and Bella's feet. You'd not know there's a genetic link between the two of us by looking at our skin tone. I'm grateful at least one of my kiddos got their Papi's beautiful, Latino pigment. :)

On any given day, at any given moment, this is how you can find my daughter: with swim suit and goggles on; being poolside is optional for my girlie. Looking the part is good enough for her.


My crazies having an afternoon snack of popcorn while soaking their feet. What they decide to do for fun really strikes me as funny oft times, but I love 'em.


Jessi said...

Cute...isn't it true that it's the simple things that keep them the happiest?!?! And I love the feet shot!! :)

Danielle said...

The pool pic cracks me up!

Sandy kimmel said...

Jeremiah was holding Kaleb this evening, the little boy who gives "paleface" all new meaning. Jer, being biracial to begin with is darker. But he spent the entire blistering weekend at a horse the sun. So he is even darker than usual. Kaleb looked like a sheet of printer paper against an aborigines. It made us all laugh. life is beautiful.