Monday, June 28, 2010

We try not to laugh...

Recently, my hubby was dividing up the clean up tasks for the kids. He told Judah that he was in charge of picking up the Legos. With that, my clever son looked at his brother, Tucker and said, "Tucker, I'm in charge of the Legos, so you are to clean up the Legos."

Nice delegation, son, but that's not exactly what Papi had in mind when he put you "in charge".

Tonight, after many, many times of discipling Bella for not staying in bed (a nightly occurence), LA was leading Bella through a prayer of repentance to God, something like, "Jesus, forgive me for disobeying...please help me to obey."

When LA started to say the "please help me to obey" part of the prayer, Bella interrupted him and said, "No, no we're not going to pray that part."

Oh, we love our little sinners.


zz said...

{Mouth agasp} HYSTERICAL! "we're not going to pray that part"?!

Danielle said...

Bedtime sounds just like it is around here!

Although it's been going better now that Duncan sleeps with Owen on the bottom bunk. No one's sleeping on the top anymore. Since they both seem to like it that way, I guess we're good until they get too big!!

krista said...

These are great Bri! Glad to know my household isn't the only one with too-clever-for-their-own-good little sinners. :-)