Sunday, October 10, 2010

My little runners

Bel Air parks and rec. holds a racing series for children up to age 12 every fall. The boys participated in the "under 5" category last year, and this year, all three of my kiddos ran. Bella, age 3, ran 1/4 mile! The boys were bumped up this year to the "under 12" category and ran 1/2 mile!

Bella cried and walked the entire 1/4 mile. But, she finished. And, I commended her like crazy. We put her in the race because she runs all the time at home and is fast. We really thought she'd enjoy it and do well. What were we thinking?! :) Nevertheless, we want to instill in our kids that non participation is really not an option once we've committed to doing something. And, our kids need a little coaxing at times. It's a 3 race series, so I'm hoping Bella will figure out this is fun and possibly get "most improved" by the end of the series.

Lawrence ran with the boys for their 1/2 mile, and while they came in last and second to last place, they ran the entire thing. Again, I commended them like crazy. I was so proud of their good attitudes and perseverance. A far cry from how they did last year. I believe I even heard, "That was fun" come out of one of their mouths. :)

attentively listening to instructions

at the start line

almost to the finish!

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Danielle said...

That's great! Let us know about it next year, we might want to do it!