Monday, February 07, 2011

She Grew Up

She grew up with a mom, dad, sisters, and brother,
Two sets of grandparents who dearly loved her.

She grew up with a roof over her head and food to eat,
Living in a yellow house on Bridge Street.

She grew up knowing Jesus and memorizing His Word,
At the age of eight, making God her Lord.

She grew up not knowing how blessed she was,
Not knowing what she had not everybody does.

She grew up mostly immune to suffering
Except for the occasional spanking.

She grew up thinking all would remain the same
Until that day when everything changed.

Her dad got sick and died from cancer.
Why did God allow it? No one could give an answer.

She grew up learning God controlled all things.
The Creator of life became the One who made it sting.

She grew up learning that God was also good.
Who else did we have to thank for all our food?

She grew up wondering how both could be true:
God be good & in control when this suffering she knew.

The answer came when she saw what God had done.
To atone for her sins, He crushed His only Son.

She grew up knowing for her sins Jesus died.
But now it was God's love for her she could not deny.

She grew up knowing truth in her head not her heart,
But over time the Word washed & God's Spirit did impart.

She grew up from her suffering in more ways than one,
Receiving love from God the Father & not just the Son.

And for all who question God's love in their suffering she does pray
They'll come to see God's love for them in much the same way.


Mandie said...

That's really beautiful, Briana.

Danielle said...

I agree.