Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I think they are.

My kids. I think they're funny, which is good, because I spend A LOT of time with them. I'm beginning to wonder if it's an unhealthy amount of time with them. nah. They'll be up and out of my house before I blink, right?! That's what all the old ladies always tell me.
Inevitably, I will be the one with 3 grown adult children still living with me. Oh wait. That's MY mom. Sorry, mom! I wasn't one of them, though...just remember that when you change your will next. ;)

So...my children. They're funny.

Tonight I took them to Pizza Hut to redeem Book It coupons. LA works late on Tuesday nights right now, so it's nice to find something fun to look forward to during the day that will help pass the time in the evening when we're all missing Papi (Spanish for daddy & what my kids call LA).

Judah was needing his drink refilled and was being a bit less than patient with our server who was a bit less than quick.

Like any 6 year old, I presume, or at least any 6 year old that would share my dramatic genes, Judah began to whine a bit about being so thirsty, insisting he was going to die if he didn't get a drink promptly.

Tucker and I began to bust Judah's chops a bit about his drama. Go figure. Drama queen that I am does not tolerate drama from anyone else!

I ask Judah where he would like me to bury him when he dies.

Without skipping a beat, he replies, "In the backyard. under the swings. under MY swing. and put my name on the swing. 'Judah'."

"Okay. Will do."

Tucker chimes in, "And we'll write on your tombstone, 'If only we had gotten him a drink sooner.'"

And, I bust out in uproarious laughter. Have I spent too much time with my littles?

On another day, Tucker was lamenting the fact that he was being "forced" to eat his carrots. He protests on regular occasion (daily) that he doesn't prefer the taste of carrots. I tell him he can choose another veggie to eat, but he refuses to try anything else. Sorry, buddy...ya gotta eat some veggies to remain my son.
just kidding.

As he's choking down his carrots, we're listening to "The Last Battle" from the Chronicles of Narnia series where a picture of Heaven is being described through the allegory of a New Narnia in the story.

Trying to encourage my son, I tell Tucker that in Heaven, carrots will taste good, (even though I think carrots taste great already on earth)...

Tucker's quit witted reply comes before I can even finish my sentence, "There won't be carrots in Heaven, mom."

Guess we'll have to wait and see who's right on that one!

Before I even type this third funny from a day in the life of the Almengor children, I realize that all of them center around FOOD. hmm??? Does this need psycho-analyzed?

Dinner time can be a challenge in our home. Again, I'm hoping this is just the normal course of life for most parents of young kids. They don't like vegetables, but I'm one of those mean mommies who insists that they eat them.

When one of my children is actually eating his/her dinner without complaining or "accidentally" throwing it on the floor or taking F O R E V E R , I try to take notice and make a BIG deal about it.

So, I was commending Bella the other night on how well she was eating her dinner.
"Bella, you are doing such a good job eating your dinner tonight," to which she replied, "As are you, mom!"

That was just too stinkin cute hearing from a brand new 4 year old~!


Kjirstin C said...

So adorable!! I love the little things kids say :)

Zoanna said...

Oh, I'm ROLLING! Too funny. The epitaph was hilarious! And "as are you, Mom"? Gosh, from a 4 year old!

Danielle said...

Very funny, especially that first one!

krista said...

I think they are too. :-)
Thanks for the laughs!

Mandie said...

That comment from Bella cracked me up, so prim and proper "as are you"...priceless!