Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Need

I wake up nearly every morning with what can be an overwhelming sense of my need for help, for God's help. I wrote this prayer on one of those mornings recently...

I need you, Lord
to walk humbly and faithfully through my day
to be gentle and kind with my kids, respectful,
and the same with my husband
to serve gratefully at co op today
to endure a long day with the kids
to pray without ceasing
to not fear us all getting sick
to be about Your agenda rather than my own
to have self control in my eating, & speaking & computer use
to be content with the condition of my home and even joyful recognizing it & all you've given or withheld as more and better than I deserve
to purpose to encourage and edify those I interact with today rather than just go through the motions
to responsibly take care of things that need my attention
to say "no" when I need to say "no" and
to say "yes" when I need to say "yes"
to not fear anything that is frightening
to draw near to you
to have faith that You exist and reward those who seek You.

I need you even for my next breath

for safety on the roads
to remember all the items of priority today
to not be selfish but selfless
to not grow weary in doing good
to hate my sin and love righteousness
to deal with sin quickly
to live up to my commitments to others
to provide a home atmosphere that reflects You and Your character
to guide my children in wisdom and address their heart above & beyond their behavior
to love others
to love You
to not put any 'gods' before You
to be nice to my husband when he gets home after work
to save energy for him.

II Peter 1:3
His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness.


Anonymous said...

Helpful... thanks for always reminding me how our relationship with the Savior expresses itself in real life.

Mandie said...

Convicting and encouraging, thanks for this post. I think I may print it out so I can read it often.
Oh, and where do the chocolate chips fit in with self controlled eating? I know we understand each others, uh, "habit";P