Monday, March 07, 2011

Busy Season Blessings

"Busy season". In our house, it means Christmas is over and January has begun. April 15th is a long time away. Winter has set in, and contagious illnesses of varying types along with it. It means longer periods of darkness and of single parenting as Lawrence spends more hours than usual at work.

We battle snow, ice, and illnesses along with our own hearts that our tempted to grumble and grow weary.

Yet every year, we experience God's blessings in the midst of busy season.

Being half way through our busy season, I'm already aware of many undeserved, unexpected gifts I've received from my Heavenly Father, who loves to lavish good gifts upon the objects of His affection. Why I am among them, I do not know. It will never be comprehended, only received and enjoyed.

Thank you, Lord, for making me an object of your love rather than your wrath.
Thank you for sending your Son, Jesus, to take Your wrath for my sin, many of which are committed during this busy season when I lose my footing so easily.
Thank you for being a good Father, a perfect Father who knows how to give good gifts.

Thank you for these precious gifts to me this busy season:
  • a mini road trip to Philly with dear friends to see my new favorite group, The Civil Wars, in concert. & a table right infront of the stage at which to sit and enjoy the beautiful and pitch perfect harmonies of Joy Williams and John Paul White.
  • a gold mine of a 'find' for me in my search for inexpensive organic food sources: an Amish run country store in Pennsylvania which affords me another good gift:
  • road trips to my home state to buy raw milk, fresh eggs and other such good food from my farmer friends
  • having a few moments while waiting for my milk to watch Abner plow his fields with his four horses and a metal plow. Row by row, he tills the soil, and this means Spring will soon be here!
  • my hubby putting in early work hours on a Saturday to surprise me by taking me to the Bel Air Chocolate Festival. I've never been able to go but have always wanted to. This year, I was taken and delighted.
  • a girl's night out with my sister-in-law, Yvette. Wine, dessert and some really good fellowship.
  • spending a Sunday afternoon with my older sister and her family when they kindly brought 1/4 cow's worth of meat for us to fill our freezer!
  • Celebrating Bella's 4th birthday for which my parents made a trip down from PA to see us.
  • 2nd row seats at a play of "Charlotte's Web" I took the kids to see
  • an unexpected, spontaneous lunch date with friends from church at which I ate the most amazing chocolate raspberry torte ever!
  • minimal illness; this is nothing short of a miracle!
  • a timely seminar that a friend attended from which I have been indirectly yet greatly encouraged and helped in growing in gentleness with my children.
  • holes that have been in my walls since we moved into our home in 2003 patched up and caulking that's needed to be done, taken care of. Every time I look around the toilet at that sparkling white caulk, I smile.


Danielle said...

You're OVER half way there, girl! So glad you made it to the Chocolate Festival!

Mandie said...

Your humbleness and openness always encourages me!

Audrey said...

Praise God for His blessings to you and praise God for your gratefulness to Him...the giver of all good gifts=) I would love to know where the inexpensive organic food place is....I have been searching for one as well=) Can you email it to me? Thanks, Bri=)

Anonymous said...

Bella's 4th birthday: When my parents came to spend the day and my sister was comatose yet still talking and eating. She can do a lot of things while sleeping.

Briana Almengor said...

I neglected to mention you coming w/ mom & dad, but I didn't forget you...never will. LOVE YOU. And, I was so glad you came down, too..even though you were a bit comatose. sleeping better these days?