Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The God of Again

Are you in need ...AGAIN

Do you need to forgive-AGAIN
be forgiven--AGAIN

Do you need spiritually refreshed--AGAIN

Do you need to reach out and build friendship--AGAIN.
You are weary of initiating, laying yourself bare, carrying others' burdens, caring. 
You need a fresh filling of God's heart and strength and resolve to seek His Kingdom first--AGAIN

Do you need healing--AGAIN

Do you need encouraged---AGAIN

Do you need to serve--AGAIN
or to be served--AGAIN

Are you being asked to wait--AGAIN

To all of you who for one reason or another have that word "again" in your dialogues with God, I believe He would say--I am the God of again.

I will heal again
       strengthen again
       encourage again
       give grace
for I am the God who does not grow tired or weary; my understanding none can fathom.  My resources never run dry. I have and am all that you need and more than you need, and I am the God who wants to meet you AGAIN."

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