Sunday, December 23, 2012

End of 2012 reflections

With 2012 drawing to a close and 2013 awaiting, I have enjoyed taking time to reflect on all God’s faithfully brought us through and anticipating all He might still want to do in and through us in this upcoming year, pending the end of the world, of course. ;)

This year, like most, ushered in the new and unexpected, but it also held the constancy of tradition and rhythms of routines. For both I’m grateful and recognize it is God’s loving kindness, mercy and grace that carries us through them all in a way that keeps us drawing nearer to Himself, genuinely desperate for Him and finding Him trustworthy and dependable.

Both new and unexpected events from 2012 included:
·         Bella’s special princess tea party with a handful of her closest friends for her 5th birthday in February
·         Joining a local farm’s CSA (community supported agriculture) and eating lots and lots of greens
·         Lawrence leaving public accounting after 8 *long* years and taking a position as Director of Finance and IT with MedChi, an association that promotes the needs and well being of physicians in Maryland
·         A reunion with some of Bri’s closest buds from her college days at IUP
·         Beginning in earnest renovations to our townhome to prepare it for a spring, 2013, listing on the market
·         Bella beginning Kindergarten and the boys, 3rd grade. Bri has especially enjoyed watching and helping Bella learn to read. What an amazing and special privilege, one she doesn’t take for granted
·         Bri and the kids joining a new homeschool  co op called Classical Conversations which has been a huge blessing to all of us. Learning has never been more meaningful and fun!
·         Lawrence and Bri attending a marriage conference with speaker, Paul Tripp.
·         Buying, building and learning more than we ever wanted to about Legos, the boys’ (and now Bella’s) current obsession.  Guess what they’re getting for Christmas?! J

In the midst of transitions and new beginnings, however, we were able to maintain the familiarity of traditions and comfort of routines through the following:
  •  Hikes at some of our favorite local parks
  • Trips to Grandma/pa’s in PA
  • Time with cousins, building memories and having fun
  •   Eating out—especially at Dunkin Donuts for special occasions like birthdays and the start of school
  •   Weekly date night for Lawrence and Bri at TGIFriday’s or just a cup of coffee at Starbucks
  •  Outings to our favorite local gardens, Ladew and Longwood
  • Once a-month family dinners with the Almengor’s
  • Regular playdates and dinner with good friends who have stayed the course with us through many seasons of life

Seems much of our life revolves around food!  

Looking forward to 2013, we cannot possibly anticipate all that God has in store, but we are nevertheless praying about or eagerly expecting the following:
·         Our local Y opening up a pool!!  It may sound trite, but we have long been looking forward to this along with many other members of our Y, and I know it’ll be such a blessing to our family
·         Selling our townhome and purchasing a new home which would serve some, specific needs and desires of our family
·         Beginning growth hormone treatments for Judah which will involve a daily injection

Would you give thanks with us as well as pray for our little family regarding the changes 2013 holds for us, both known and unknown?

We are so grateful for the friends and family with which God has surrounded us. You all are a demonstration of God’s merciful kindness to us. Your encouragement, love and prayers are wonderful gifts from God that we do not take for granted. Thank you for loving us!

If you want to keep up with us on a more consistent basis, you can visit us online at or friend us on Facebook, profile name “Briana Almengor”.  We’re always up for your spontaneous or planned visit as well. As long as we’re at our current townhome, our address is 224 Ferring Court  Abingdon, MD 21009. Or give us a call: 410.688.7553

With gratitude to the Giver of every good gift, which includes YOU,
Lawrence, Briana, Judah, Tucker and Bella

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