Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Night Summary, August 16, 2015

Reading: This wasn't a super exciting reading week. What little time I took to read, I spent it in a book entitled, "Seizures and Epilepsy in Childhood, A Guide," by John Freeman, Eileen Vining, and Diana Pillas.  Published by Johns Hopkins Press, it was a book recommended by Bella's neurologist. Admittedly, I did not get very far into this book before wanting to put it down. Not exactly a page turner, but something I feel I need to read to best understand what is happening in my daughter's brain. 

The definition of absence seizures, the type of seizure Bella has is thus, An absence seizure, formerly called petit mal, is a very special and uncommon type of seizure.  It starts suddenly and without warning.  The child displays a glazed look and stares.  She doesn't know what is happening and usually cannot later recall things that occurred during the seizure.  Occasionally, there is a little eye-blinking or head-bobbing.  The episode usually lasts seconds, occasionally as long as fifteen seconds, and ends as abruptly as it started.  When the seizure ends, the child is immediately alert.  There is no confusion afterward.  These seizures may occur many times a day and are often mistaken for day dreaming."

Thankfully, Bella has never been hurt during one of her seizures, and they do not last longer than a few seconds.  Nevertheless, we are still trying to work on controlling them through medication and other means. 

Another book I continued this week was a Bible study on the prophets of the Old Testament by Nancy Guthrie, entitled, "The Word of the Lord: Seeing Jesus in the Prophets." I read to the end of Jeremiah this week and started reading the book of Daniel. 

Watching: More exciting than reading about seizures, LA and I started a new Netflix series called, "Chef's Table." This series ropes me in on many levels: the food, the psychology of each chef featured and the journey they have taken to arrive at the status of a world renown chef.  

We have only watched two of the six episodes in this series,but I wonder if I already watched my favorite episode, the 2nd, which highlighted Chef Dan Barber.  Aside from his near constant, foul language, his passion for flavor and as a result for the ways in which food is grown and soil is cared for really resonated with me.

Lawrence had a meeting one evening this week, so the kids and I watched "Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire."  The boys have read devoured the entire Harry Potter series over this past year. It has provided much fodder for imaginative play and thoughtful discussion with our kids about good vs. evil, what the spells in Harry Potter mean (I am totally counting this as a Latin credit for my boys!), about magic and the way it can appropriately be viewed as entertainment but also inappropriately applied when one tries to gain control over someone or something over which only God Himself has control. 

On family night, we brought out a classic to watch with the kids, "Chariots of Fire."  Competitive running for the glory of God versus one's self glory is one of the themes of this film and why I love it so much. "When I run, I feel God's pleasure," a statement made by one of the film's main characters, Eric Liddell, is a sentiment I share. 

My children did not share my appreciation. Sigh. They were bored and respectfully bit their tongues throughout the movie so that I alone could enjoy it. 

Eating:  We enjoyed one of my summer favorites this week: Tomato Pie. You don't have to love tomatoes to love this savory pie.  It seems I was the last of my friends who I know also love this dish to make and enjoy it. Here is the recipe link:

Doing:  We continued with musical practice with the performance scheduled for September 27th.  J and T are both working on speaking parts, and B is working on a special dance the 7 and 8 year old girls will be doing. 

Judah had his annual follow up with his eye surgeon. After many tests, pictures, dilation and bright lights shone in his eyes, Judah was sent off with the great report of stable eyes.  We are so grateful. 

Providentially, we were at Hopkins the same day a friend of ours' step father was admitted for brain surgery. Judah and I had the opportunity to take some small snacks to them and spend a few minutes talking and praying for God's peace and healing.

Hopkins is a "home away from home" for us, an oddly comfortable place for us to bring a familiar face and hopefully the presence of God and His goodness to those who might find themselves there. 

This past weekend, we had three different sets of friends who were there for one reason or another. It's not a place of ministry I would have ever chosen for myself or my kids, but it has become a place where God has shown me so much of Himself, His provision and many mercies. It is a place in which I am grateful our family can serve and bless others in ways we have so richly been blessed. 

We enjoyed lunch dates, play dates, and more swimming this week.

Bella had the opportunity to have her hair cut with a friend which was so fun for both girls. My only regret is not getting this done at the BEGINNING of the summer rather than at the end. Duh!

We continued with our Trust Based Parenting class, the third of four sessions we will have. I am grateful to be exposed to another way of thinking through and responding to my (and others') children's behavioral challenges.  If nothing else, it is growing in me more empathy, compassion and understanding that people, like books, cannot be judged by their "covers." 

It was so refreshing to be at church this morning; I needed to hear truth and laud truth after the day I had yesterday. A conflict between LA and me spiraled me into a web of lies that I pondered and perseverated on until it literally wore me out physically. By the end of the day, when we were scheduled to have a family over for dessert, I was "stuck" in bed. I crawled in bed at 6 and slept heavy for 2.5 hours. When I woke, I was postured so differently, level headed and reasonable, patient and willing to be entreated. 

I am not much different from a child, I suppose. I need to have proper rest, exercise, good eating and my meds. all on board to function anything close to normal.

And, here's the thing. The conflict remains unresolved. Honestly, I don't know how it is going to be resolved. I don't even really know what needs to happen, who needs to move on his position. But, LA and I are united again to persevere in grace with one another. We are committed afresh to keep fighting for peace and further unity, and that alone is a huge victory or at least a huge victory for us.

This morning, we listened to a message our pastor boldly delivered on self deception. It happened to Saul. It happens to all of us. His big idea was that self deception is not in itself evil, but rather the means by which many evils are done.  

I topped off the week running a 5K at a local vineyard. It's a race I did with a group of girlfriends last year and had so much fun. This year for a variety of reasons, all the girls who registered to run with me couldn't make it. So, my hubby and kids came with me to cheer me on and watch me run.  

It was a hot run and not the time I was hoping for, but an opportunity to run nonetheless. And, I am always grateful for each time I complete another run; I know I am not owed any of those paces. But, boy do I love running!

Looking ahead:  This is the last week of summer vacation for us. We will have our "soft start" to school on the 24th of August. So, I am sure I will pack in as much fun as I can possibly muster amidst the ordinary needs of life.

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