Monday, September 12, 2005

Judah's MRI: Friday, Sept. 16th

An update on the insurance coverage for Judah's laser treatments:
We have a wonderful dermatologist at Hopkins! He and personnel from his office are doing all that they can to ensure coverage for Judah's laser treatments. Nevertheless, it is ultimately up to our insurance company. We are currently undergoing an appeals process and pray that we'll be able to resume Judah's treatments promptly.

Judah is scheduled to have an MRI of his brain this Friday, September 16th. This will be the first MRI he's had done, and it will require sedation for an hour or a little longer. The results of this test will indicate whether there is brain involvement with Judah's Sturge Weber which could mean a number of things: seizures, strokes, developmental delays, or learning difficulties among the most common. It could also miracuously indicate that there is no brain involvement, which of course we are praying for.

Please pray that:
  • Judah will be healthy for the MRI on Friday. (He woke up with a cold this morning.)
  • Judah will fare well with anasthesia.
  • We will get a child/parent friendly anasthesia team on Friday as well as skilled technicians who will be doing the MRI.
  • The MRI will indicate no brain involvement.
  • We will give thanks and acknowledge God's goodness and mercy to us no matter what the results are of the MRI.
  • Our appeal with the insurance company for Judah's laser treatments will go through quickly and have a positive outcome.
  • There will be no further insurance complications re: Judah's care.

I know many of you pray for Judah and for us as we have these tests and treatments. And, we know many of you will want to hear about the results of the MRI. Thank you. We may not get the complete results of the MRI on Friday, but we'll be sure to communicate them to you as soon as we ourselves find out!


Karen Hevesy said...

Praying! Also praying for peace and an extra measure of blessing for you and Lawrence on Friday. God is good..all the time!

daryl said...

Even if I can't make it to intercession tomorrow Cathy Lippa will make sure they are all praying for Friday.