Friday, September 16, 2005

Judah's MRI

Judah did have the MRI today, despite his stuffy nose. He was in the "tube" for more than an hour and under anesthesia for close to two hours. He came out of anesthesia rather well, but the stuffy nose has presented a little bit of a concern. He had to have a "trache" (sp?) tube put into his airway to help his breathing while under anasthesia. That irritated things in his airway, and he's sounding a little distressed in his breathing. Most would probably think he's just a little congested, but a little congestion has turned into trips to the ER within a couple hours with Judah in the past. I'm adminstering nebulizer treatments and giving him over the counter cold medicine, but please pray that the congestion will clear itself quickly without any further medical intervention.

We did not receive any feedback today as to the results of the MRI, but were told that we should hear a preliminary report by Monday, God willing. And, by the end of next week, hopefully we'll hear further details as to the results of the MRI and their implications.

Thanks for all your prayers!


Karen Hevesy said...

Thanks for the quick update, he was on my mind (and my heart) all day. Praying for a quick recovery from the congestion.

peg said...

we're praying for Judah and the rest of you too.
We Love you!
It was so great to get time with you, albeit brief!
Love & Prayers,
Peg & Paul