Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Where we are this week...

Due to computer trouble, I am writing Monday's post on Tuesday.

We are still undergoing the appeal's process with our insurance company. I am working everyday to acquire all the letters and documentation necessary to provide to our insurance company. This means waiting on others to do their part, which can be difficult at times. Please continue to pray for this appeal. I was told by a friend of ours that there is a potential we would have to go through this process for each and every laser treatment Judah receives. Of course, we hope that will not be the case.

Please pray that:
  • all the documentation and letters needed for the appeal will come this week.
  • I will be able to send our appeal to the ins. company by early next week.
  • God will put our case into the hands of compassionate, knowledgable personnel who will expedite our case and overturn the initial denial.
  • we will receive full coverage for all of Judah's laser treatments rather than just one at a time.

I posted the good news about Judah's MRI results on the Sturge Weber Yahoo usergroup that Lawrence and I belong to. We've already received a personal email from a family with a 5 week old boy who has been diagnosed with SWS. She wrote to hear more about our story and to connect with someone down the road.

Please pray that:

  • we will be a faithful witness to the mercy and goodness of God not only as it has been seen in Judah's Sturge Weber, but in our lives as believers in Christ as well.
  • we will be used by God to bring encouragement, hope, information, resources, and whatever else the Lord would enable us to give to others in our Sturge Weber family.

As always (but the sentiment only grows stonger), THANK YOU for praying. As others may inquire about Judah, be sure to tell them about this site. We are grateful for this modem of communicating with so many at once as we are simply too limited to call or speak with everyone who so wonderfully and lovingly cares for Judah and our family!

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